Don’t Tax My Dream

Don’t tax my dream! It certainly sounds like more of a nightmare than a dream but this really refers to the Province of Ontario allowing Municipalities in Ontario to charge a Land Transfer Tax similar to the one the Province already charges when a property changes hands.


This just doubled the tax when you move! Now the Province just downloaded the “bad guys” mantra to the Municipalities!  They just gave a funding opportunity to the municipalities without the Province having to pay anything and there is no political damage done from the Provinces perspective.

Let’s not forget the study that found for every sale and purchase through the MLS in 2012 resulting in expenditures close to $53,000 in the local economy – buyers buy paint, repair, furniture and appliances – that results in jobs people.  More jobs, more taxes, more revenue…. Not just a tax at the time of a sale and purchase that provides no economic stimulation but rather a decrease in sales and purchases resulting in loss of jobs, taxes and of course, revenue.  Check it out for yourself and see all the facts at



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